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MULTI-TECH® Firefighter Units & Trailers
FIREFIGHTER UNITS - Don't take the chance.....!!

Why not invest in a MULTI-TECH® Firefighting Unit manufactured by Rapid Plastics (WA)?

With the summer season comes the vast amounts of straw, grass and undergrowth that represent a potential disaster if exposed to the dreaded element ever present during these times of the year - FIRE!!

Its too late to consider consequences once the damage is done, some things can be replaced if lost, but others can't so why not give yourself every chance you can and think of a firefighter unit as an investment to protect you, your family, your home, your farm & machinery and your community.

So an investment in a strong, reliable and quality assured firefighting unit is surely an integral part of 'being prepared' and with a range of capacities available throughout the trailed, compact, and skidmounted firefighter ranges Rapid Plastics (WA) can offer something for any application.

We also have the portable pump skid series which is a portable pump and hosereel skid unit ideal for use with existing tanks and swimming pools.